The Bounds of Proletarian Emancipation – A Contribution to the Critique of Unions
November 2011

Translation from Article «Schranken proletarischer Emanzipation – Zur Kritik der Gewerkschaften» of Kosmoprolet #3
Everybody who is involved in one of the current labour struggles – who watches them or tries to intervene in them – …

»Crisis of Value«
Oktober 2009

Originally published in International Perspective 51-52 – Fall 2009, we translated this text into German and published it in Kosmoprolet #2.

There’s no need to repeat that we are in the midst of the worst crisis of capitalism since …

Time to Leave the Sinking Ship
Mai 2009

Overcoming the crisis: destroy capitalism!
Pamphlet on 1 May 2009
The crisis has already spilled the rims of today’s news reports. It is not unraveling in distant lands. It is no longer an abstract event. The crisis …

“President Chavez is a tool of God”
Oktober 2008

Translation of the Article „Präsident Chavez ist ein Werkzeug Gottes“ by Sergio López in Kosmoprolet #1. Published in two parts in Internationalist Perspective #51-52 – Fall 2008 and #53 Spring 2009.

A highlight of every child’s birthday party in Venezuela is a …